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Do any of the following symptoms sound familiar to you? Dry nose? Dry cracked itchy skin? Painful cracked and dry fingertips? Aggravated allergy or asthma symptoms? Painful static shocks? Chipping paint or plaster? Warped or damaged wood floors, furniture, trim or molding? You need a humidifier from Belair Engineering!

When your outside air is heated, its relative humidity plummets, stripping moisture not only from the air, but from your skin, your body, your wood furniture, your fixtures, your musical instruments, your pets, your floors, pretty much everything in your Maryland home.

According to medical experts, many viruses thrive in low humidity and can increase your likelihood of getting colds, flu and upper respiratory ailments. Humidifiers help humidify your home.

The American Society of Otolaryngology reports that it is important to prevent an overly dry environment because it makes you more susceptible to infection.

Clues like awakening with a sore throat, dryness in your nose, or even a nose bleed are signs you need a humidifier.

Consider this; The heated air coming out of your Md furnace is significantly drier than Death Valley or even the Sahara Desert!

  • Recommended Relative Humidity 35-45%
  • Sahara Desert 25%
  • Death Valley 23%
  • Average Gas Heated Home 9-16%

Your daily activities like showering, cooking, and doing laundry won't produce enough moisture to keep your home's air from being too dry. Why go through another heating season with these problems when there is a solution—your Md whole house humidifier!

New whole house humidifiers from Belair Engineering is perhaps your most cost efficient, low maintenance way to add moisture to your Maryland home's indoor air.

Whole house Maryland humidifiers from Belair Engineering, will deliver the perfect amount of moisture to your indoor air. Your new Md humidifier will even help you save money on your energy costs since humidifier air actually feels warmer to you than plain dry air so you can set your thermostat at a lower temperature!

In fact, the EPA states that you can save up to 4% on your heating costs for every degree that you lower your thermostat! Increase your whole family's level of comfort and protect your valuable furnishings by adding just the right amount of moisture with your new Md whole house humidifier.

The principle behind your Maryland whole house humidifier is simple: Humidity is added to your dry air coming from your heating system and distributed throughout your Md home through your home's ventilation ducts.

The water is converted in to a pure vapor form.Your whole house humidifiers are nearly maintenance free; with a flow through design, so you have no reservoirs to fill, drain, or clean.

Simply set your humidifier control to a comfortable level and your humidifier will automatically adjust your humidity level. It's your easy, effective way to distribute humidified air to every room in your Maryland home.

Md Whole House Humidification Means:

  • Comfort: Proper humidification eliminates your dry nose, throat, itchy skin, and reduces your static electricity.
  • Well Being: Ask your doctor. Proper humidity helps you repel upper respiratory problems caused by your dry air.
  • Preservation: Whole house humidifiers protect your home and your furnishings from damaging shrinkage due to dryness.
  • Energy Savings: Humidifiers reduce your heating costs because you'll feel warmer at lower temperatures.
  • Water Conservation: Even our largest Md humidifiers use less than $15 of water per heating season *Based on water costs @ $0.6300/100ft. and sewer costs @ $0.7154/100ft.

Fan Powered Whole House Humidifiers in Maryland.

Big humidifier performance to match your bigger Maryland homes.; Your fan powered whole house Md humidifier features truly automatic control, so there's never a need for you to manually control your humidifier though it can be installed in manual mode, if you prefer to dial in your Md humidifier.

This humidifier utilizes an outdoor temperature sensor for monitoring even your slightest changes in outdoor temperature.; Provides you a humidifier evaporation capacity of 0.75 gallons per hour—among your highest capacity humidifiers sold and humidifies your tightly constructed Md homes up to 4,200 square feet in size.

Optimum moisture distribution. Self powered fan. Easy front access door. Low noise operation. Attractive, long lasting, cover. 5 year limited warranty on parts. Small or large capacity model humidifiers are available.

Whole House Bypass Type Humidifiers in Md.

Your Md bypass whole house humidifier features truly automatic control, plus a built-in bypass damper, which means fewer parts to install. Your humidifier bypass damper is conveniently labeled for both summer and winter settings, allowing you to set it for your entire humidifier season with no guesswork involved.

Your evaporation capacity is 0.70 gallons per hour and humidifies your tightly constructed Maryland homes up to 4,000 square feet in size.; Easy front access door. Low noise operation.; Attractive, long lasting, cover and a 5 year limited warranty on parts.

;Aprilaire, Honeywell, Spray,Steam, Pulse & Skuttle Home Air Humidifiers & Humidifier Filter replacement installation in >Md.

No matter what type of home you have, Belair Engineering has your Md whole house humidifier solution. Designed specifically for your Maryland home's heating & cooling system.

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